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7th MICE Film Festival will take place in Valencia and other Valencian towns between the 8th and the 23th of February 2019, with the screening of the short films selected in the different competitive categories and also the ones belonging to non-competitive sections. The award ceremony will take place on Saturday, February the 23th in Sagunt city.

MICE is a film festival aimed at children and young people that takes audiovisual education as a basis. We intend to be the great audiovisual screen made in the classroom and the professional film focused on education. Around 31,000 people attended the MICE events in 2018.

Important. You can only submit your film through the FILMFREEWAY platform. There will be no exception. https://filmfreeway.com/festival/MiCe


Subtitles are required;
* If the films are in Catalan-Valencian or Spanish they must have subtitles in English.
* If the films are in English, they must have subtitles in Catalan-Valencian or in Spanish.
* If the films are in another languages they must have subtitles in English and Catalan-Valencian or in Spanish.


  1. PROFESSIONAL / ADULTS. Cinema made FOR Children and Young People.
  2. Short of animation. Movies for children and young people.
  3. Short fiction. Movies for children and young people


  1. NON PROFESSIONAL / YOUTH. Cinema made BY Children and Young People.
  2. Short documentaries, fiction shorts and animation shorts made by children up to 12 years of age. Infant and primary school.
  3. Short documentaries, fiction shorts and animation shorts made by young people up to 18 years of age. Secondary, bachelor and training cycles.
  4. Short documentaries, fiction shorts and animation shorts made by young people up to 22 years old. University


  1. The duration of the films can not exceed 15 minutes due to the limited time of projection. The number of entries per author is free.
  2. The languages ​​of the MICE Film Festival are Valencian, English and Spanish.
  3. COMPULSORY SUBTITLES. Subtitles are required; read politics about how to subtitle in the point named »Mandatory subtitles» placed above.
  4. Please be sure to submit a HD quality version of the movie. These copies will be used for preview and projection. We do not accept DVD.
  5. Eligible films must have been made in the years 2016, 2017 and 2018.
  6. There is a minimum registration fee for CATEGORY A professional / adult.
  7. NO registration fee for CATEGORY B
  8. You can only submit the film through the FILMFREEWAY There will be no exception.
  9. Deadline for submitting films finishes in November the 15th of 2018.
  10. MICE does not pay fees or projection rights for the shorts selected, regardless of the category to which they have been submitted.
  11. Each film will be previewed by a jury who will select the films that will be shown in the MICE Film Festival.
  12. Your registration and selection authorizes the MICE Film Festival to use clips from the film for promotional purposes on television, online, in advertising, in the news and / or in any other medium.
  13. Before the start of the festival all registered participants will be informed by email about the films selected for the MICE Film Festival.
  14. The films selected for the MICE Film Festival 2019 may be used for their projection in non-profit educational events (always informed and with the prior agreement of the author).
  15. Films presented in previous editions of MICE Film Festival will not be chosen.
  16. The participants inscribed in Categories B.1 and B.2 implicitly accept that the films will be uploaded to the viewing platform that the Organization chooses to award the AUDIENCE AWARD, which will correspond to the film with the most consolidated visualizations obtained until February the 8th, 2019 (always subject to the conditions of validation of visualizations imposed by the platform).
  17. The specific channel for these productions «MICE INTERNATIONAL 2019» will be created to make the visualizations and the data collected in this channel will determine the award of the AUDIENCE AWARD.
  18. Since film viewing platforms impose copyright restrictions on both images and music, the authors of the films will be responsible for the use of images or music subject to these rights at the discretion of the viewing platform.
  19. The Festival Organization reserves the right to decide on all matters not specifically regulated in these regulations.
  20. Participation implies recognition of these regulations. In any dispute, the decisions of the Festival Organization will be unappealable.

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